Growing up known as the odd-goofy-goth-kid, Courtney has grown into herself and found acceptance within herself, body, style, and quirky personality. Since the age of 12, Courtney dreamed of owning her own business, and in 2015, Courtney Alexandria took fruition.

Courtney suffers from eczema, sensitive skin/scalp, and dry skin/scalp. She also has 4c hair texture. It was a battle trying to find products to tackle her sensitive skin and stubborn, lovable hair. Over the years, Courtney created and used the products offered at Courtney Alexandria. Courtney worked tirelessly to build her brand and offer her customers the top of the line products handmade by her.

From head to toe, hair to beard we offer products for multiple uses. We also sell natural hand carved and stained jewelry.

In her spare time, you can expect to see Courtney reading a book, writing, designing fashion, being artsy, sketching, daydreaming, exploring some city, teaching, playing video games, or building her empire fit for a queen.